Antonio Musacco, a 19 year old artist from San Diego, relies heavily on practice and observation to advance his skills in drawing and painting. An artist at heart his entire life, he's always turned to art as a means of self expression and as a way to satisfy his creative impulses. With an underlying fascination with nature’s beauty that fuels every creation, and every artwork has a special personality as a result.


 Despite having spent the most time drawing in the realism style, Antonio focused on painting in early 2018 and has since made it his preferred art form. He paints in an impressionistic manner, which has allowed for more freedom to manipulate color, line, and texture, as well as connect with the subject matter itself in an entirely light. With acrylic paint as his medium, Antonio typically uses palette knives or brushes to create artwork that manifests his emotions, visions, and ideas onto the canvas itself. 


Keep an eye out for this up and coming artist for featured work and future appearances at local art festivals and galleries.

To see more of his work, visit his Instagram at: Antonio.M_Art